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State Official Dobbs Warns “We Will Pay the Price” If Kids Return to School This Week

Ahead of when many schools will return to traditional face-to-face instruction, state health official Dr. Thomas Dobbs is pleading to officials to postpone the return to regular classes.

“Unfortunately, nothing can not be political these days and so I think sometimes we’re making rash decisions because we’ve planted our flag. I was off. I thought maybe it would be the right time to start in August until about a little while ago.”

“I do think it’s a good idea to put our toe in the water a little bit, kind of go slowly, offer as much online as we can, maybe delay in person for a little while, maybe until September.”

Corinth School District returned to face-to-face instruction last week, and the school reported a positive COVID-19 cases last Friday to parents in a statement released.\

Multiple school districts have postponed returning to traditional instruction, such as Union County Schools and Booneville School District.

President Trump has put pressure on schools to return to face-to-face instruction by threatening to cut federal funding to schools that postpone reopening their campuses. Governor Reeves has stated his unwavering support for opening schools back to traditional instructing at a normal time.

Reeves and Dobbs have been reviewing reopening plans for multiple districts in the past week and ensuring that the plans are safe and thorough.’

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