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Pair of Union County teachers putting family talents on display during lockdown

Focusing on joy and the funny parts of life is an important reminder for us all to stay positive during the COVID19 pandemic. One family who is helping to bring that joy is the Reid family of north Mississippi.

Last month, Clint Reid posted a parody video of “Love Is An Open Door” from Frozen to his Facebook page, and it has since been shared nearly 2000 times. He titled the parody “There Are No Open Doors” and it describes the experiences of being stuck inside with his family during this nationwide shelter-in-place.

They have since released another family music video titled “These are the Greatest Chores”, a parody of “The Greatest Show” from The Greatest Showman.

Clint and his wife Brandi are both teachers in Union County and are currently spending time at home with their three children due to school closures.

“ I have been doing parodies and videos for years in my theater classes, but it was my wife’s idea to do one as a family,” Clint states.

Clint is the Theater Director for Union County schools and Brandi teaches music and chorus at Ingomar school, so it’s safe to say, they are both well suited for this creative task.

According to Clint, each video takes several days to prepare for. They spend time rewriting lyrics, recording the music, and then blending it all together. Then comes the video shoot, involving their three children.

It has taken them one to two days of shooting to complete the videos and they are confident there will most likely be another video in the future.

“It is a really fun experience to do as a family,” Clint says, “…The main reason we did these videos is to do something fun, and for the family time.”

His children have loved that so many people are enjoying their videos and are eager to do more. We have included the link to the Reid family’s YouTube page below so check them out.


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