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Oxford furloughs 135 city employees as they project more than $3 million in lost revenue due to COVID19

Oxford Mayor Robyn Tannehill announced the decision by the city and board of alderman to furlough nearly 1/3 of their work force as they are projecting a major loss in tax revenue due to COVID19.

In a video address, Tannehill prefaced it with the following:

Update on Thursday, April 16th… The Board of Aldermen met this morning and considered extremely difficult cost cutting measures including furloughing employees, suspending our curbside recycling program and not opening the City Pool this summer.

Our goal as a City is to implement cost cutting measures now that will give us the best opportunity to bring all employees back full time in the fall.

She also announced the city would not be hiring about 150 seasonal part time workers as part of the cost saving measures.

Employees will not be paid, but they will maintain health insurance and continue to accrue vacation days.

See the complete announcement below:

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