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Firefly Outreach speaking with students about suicide prevention

An organization is speaking with Union County students about suicide prevention and awareness.

From UCSD:

Mr. Harrington with Firefly Outreach spoke about Suicide Prevention at East Union with grades 7th – 12th today. She will speak to students at Ingomar and West Union tomorrow.

From Mr. Harrington:

Firefly Outreach and Media Vision was birthed through the unfortunate loss of my son, Conner Herrington to suicide on August 3, 2011. This loss has made me acutely aware of the great need to reach people of all ages who have had thoughts of suicide or experienced suicide trauma in their families.

Firefly Ministries’ passion is to reach all people who have struggled with hopelessness and then caught up in the rooms of despair and depression. Individuals impacted need to know that there is hope, answers, and a way out of their insurmountable daily challenges.

It is Firefly Ministries deepest passion to bring global awareness to suicide and to remove the negative stigma associated with suicide.

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