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CARES Act to Provide $47 Million in Childcare Funds to Essential Workers

Today, the Mississippi Department of Humqn Services announced that $47 million of funds from the CARES Act will be dedicated to assisting childcare centers during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“I often say child care represents the backbone of the workforce,” said Dr. Chad Allgood, Deputy Director of DECCD. “Without child care we couldn’t work. It is extremely important that we understand how important child care is, and the funding we receive is just part of the support that we can throw behind our child care providers.”

$13.6 million will be used as one-time cash injections to child care centers to help ensure they can survive the pandemic.

Over $7 million will be put towards co-payments to help essential workers be able to avoid the extra expense that may keep them home or unable to take proper care of their child in these times.

“Parents need to be able to work and contribute to the economic recovery of Mississippi without worrying about whether their children are going to be safe,” said MDHS Executive Director Robert G. “Bob” Anderson. “Every day we see businesses filing bankruptcy as a result of this pandemic. We are committed to using all resources at our disposal to ensure child care centers survive and thrive.”

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