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Tornado Watch issued for Union County as severe weather in forecast

With severe weather on the horizon, a Tornado Watch has been issued for Union County throughout Sunday. The storm system has the possibility of creating powerful tornadoes, hail and damaging winds.

This is part of a large storm system making its way through the south on Sunday. Check out details on it here.

Be sure and check out your severe weather preparedness plan.

Check out where local storm shelters are.

Watch out for dark, rotating clouds.If you see one, take shelter immediately.

Listen for a tornado siren.If you hear it, seek shelter immediately.

Turn on your TV/radio.You’ll get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.

Avoid unnecessary car trips.You don’t want to be caught outside if a tornado comes.

Bring in outdoor furniture and other items that could blow away.These may become a safety hazard.

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