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New Albany Schools Going Virtual for Remainder of Fall Semester

The New Albany School District has announced that students will be conducting the remainder of the fall semester virtually as coronavirus cases continue to rise.

The following information comes from the school’s website, and the following link will allow you to read all the information:

Beginning Monday, December 14, ALL students in the New Albany School District will be transitioning to virtual learning. Virtual learning will continue for the remainder of the semester.  However, it is suggested if your family is able to begin virtual learning on Thursday, December 10 that you do so.  New Albany Middle School will follow the schedule that was released last week.  New Albany Elementary and New Albany High School will publicize their virtual learning schedule for the week of December 14 through the School Status messaging platform.

The Christmas holiday break for students is scheduled for Saturday, December 19, 2020 – Tuesday, January 5, 2021. During this time, school buildings will be closed and no virtual learning is scheduled.

Beginning Wednesday, January 6, 2021, the New Albany School District will utilize a hybrid schedule to transition back to the school setting.  This will be a schedule similar to the one that was used the first month of school during the Fall.  This schedule will be used from January 6 – January 22 and may be utilized for a longer period of time if needed. (This schedule will be published on December 15 via New Albany School District website, Twitter, and Facebook.)”

Students who need to complete state testing will report to campus at a time that will be announced by the district.

Athletics will still be conducted for the remainder of 2020, and coaches will be in contact with players about the steps to move forward.

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